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Rhinestone Decal System™

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Stencil Transfers

Existing owners of a Stone Stencil Rhinestone System can add the capability to produce rhinestone decals and wall graphics. The Rhinestone Decal System™ includes a specialized decal material and set of tools. Using a proprietary process, rhinestone transfers can be applied to the decal material to create outdoor durable rhinestone decals.

  • wall graphics
  • window graphics
  • vehicle graphics
  • plaques
  • decorative items
  • badges

Rhinestone Decal Samples

Rhinestone Decal Sample Rhinestone Decal Sample Rhinestone Decal Sample Rhinestone Decal Sample

How It Works

SmartCut Pro 2.0 is used to create a rhinestone pattern with a cuttable contour around the perimeter of the patterns. A heat transfer is created using a specialized Transfer Application System. The contour line is output onto the decal material and the excess material is removed. The transfer is applied to the decal material using the Transfer Application System and a proprietary heat transfer process. The decal material has an adhesive back with a liner sheet. The liner sheet is left on the decal until it is ready to be applied. In order to apply the decal, the liner sheet is removed and the adhesive side of the decal is sprayed with a special Decal Application Fluid. The spray allows the decal to be repositioned, assists in the removal of air bubbles and also activates the adhesive in the decal material to insure adhesion.

What's Included

Stone Stencil Transfer Application System

Using a specialized technique and set of unique tools, a TAS system enables the creation of very large and complex transfers with multiple sized and colored stones. The TAS System is required in order to apply rhinestone transfers to the decal material.

Rhinestone Decal Material™

Rhinestone Decal Material™ is a specialized clear material with an adhesive backing. Rhinestone heat transfers can be applied to this material using a specialized heat transfer process. The material can withstand the temperature and pressure of the heat transfer process without distortion of discoloration. The material is UV and weather resistant in both cold and hot climates

Decal Application Kit

A specialized fluid is used to activate the adhesive in the Rhinestone Decal Material™ in order to insure that the decal can be properly placed on a receptive flat surface such as glass, wood, plastic or metal. The fluid enables the decal to be repositioned and assists with the removal of air bubbles. The kit includes spray bottles and a bulk container of application fluid that can be included with each order for decals.

Training Resources

A system is backed by a comprehensive training program included a step by step written training guide and interactive training DVD


I've been using the Rhinestone Decal System™ now for several months and have found it to be very easy to use and have had quite a bit of success with it. Its such a unique system and very few people can offer that service so it adds alot to my business. My clients have been very pleased with their rhinestone decals and have had many compliments and inquiries on where they purchased their decals. The decals are very durable and apply easily. I've had clients apply them to their vehicles, laptops, phones and cameras. I've also found that the profit margin is substantial making it a great addition to my business.

Jamie Sawyer